OneCNCXR8 Release 63.20

OneCNCXR8 Version 63.20 is now released.

DXF import export
Many adjustments have been made in this version as an ongoing ubdate to the DXF file transfer in and out.

Mill Swarf
The 5 Axis simultaneous Swarf function has had some adjustments to better handle small arc type surfaces as found on junctions or corners on chamfered junctions.

STL Import
STL import has been adjusted to better handle STL imported files.

Mill Pocket
Mill Closed pocket function has had some adjustments to better handle by pocket by pocket and pocket by level.

Open Pocket
Open pocket is different than closed pocket and will only handle by level for multiple pockets.
For open pockets by pocket the Open Pocket boundaries are selected individually.

Lathe Rough Cycles
line numbers posted for lathe rough cycles in some cases is adjusted in this release to ensure correst line numbers for the cycles..

Japanese and Korean languages updates are included in this release

Lathe Rough
Lathe Turn Rough toolpath has been adjusted to prevent toolpath out of boundary moves

Lathe Finish
Lathe Turn Finish toolpath gouging was adjusted to prevent error at toolpath start,

Dimension line width prints but not shown on screen was adjusted in this release.

Special Note on OneCNC Licencing

OneCNCXR8 can be used without any connection to the internet.

OneCNC applications are designed to operate without web access to assist with complete data protection.

Updating OneCNC it is still simple using another PC that does have web access to download your updates..

Users can go to the OneCNC web using the dongle number and serial number to download the OneCNC Update then take it to the OneCNC PC to update.

This method allows you to have complete control of your manufacturing files not associated with the internet.

Combined with your OneCNC Perpetual licence assists in providing full digital dater protection. 

OneCNCXR8 Version 63.20 is now available to all licenced users from the OneCNC Update server.