OneCNCXR8 Release 62.81

OneCNCXR8 62.81 update includes many adjustments and updates and the main ones are listed below.

Mill Profile
Some users we notice use drill for a chamfer tool but OneCNC likes to use the right tool for the job.

Adjustment was made to the profile function so that if a user uses a drill for a chamfer tool it does not hang.

Mill profile
Mill profile was again adjusted with wall taper and ball end mill.

Layer function was adjusted to prevent duplicate layers being created by editing toolpaths

C Axis Face Toolpath
C Axis face tool path function was adjusted to make sure the function was reset when changing to a 4 Axis full function.


When entering tool sizes in the OneCNC tool library it is important that you enter the correct values to obtain the correct results in precision machining.

You will note that that entering tapered tool data the diameter of the tool is the diameter at the tip of the tool to be entered in the tool diameter.

We show an example of a SandviK tapered ball mill with a nominal 4mm ball but the diameter at the tip is actually 3.80 mm.

The 3,80mm diameter is the diameter that you would enter in OneCNC for this tool.

Fortunately SANDVIK engrave the diameter on the tool.

If the tool is not engraved you could draw the tool in OneCNC using angled lines tangent to the ball and obtain the diameter from OneCNC drawing at the tip..

tool dimensions

OneCNCXR8 Release 62.81 is now available in the OneCNC Update Server for all licenced OneCNCXR8 users.r.