OneCNC Announces OneCNCXR7

OneCNC is introducing the latest version of our well known CAD CAM OneCNCXR7


OneCNCXR7 was developed with a major focus on user requests from around the world. Users globally look for improvements in features that make it faster and easier to create CNC programs for complex parts as well as enhancements that improve material removal and general productivity. CNC manufacturing equipment, cutting tools, and other related technologies are continually changing and users are looking for features to stay ahead of the curve as well as improved functionality for existing equipment.

OneCNCXR7 has had the most comprehensive testing in the company’s history, including rigorous on-machine physical testing in our magnificent new machining facility under ISO9001-2015 testing. Testing facilities include Hermle 5 axis simultaneous machines.

Our global customers as well as our Global OneCNC offices have been very active in our product development especially in testing processes which has been ongoing for the past few months. OneCNC introduced our new machining and testing facilities to replicate conditions that our users deal with on a daily basis.

OneCNCXR7 introduces dozens of significant improvements which details of will be provided closer to the release of the software which is expected by early November.

One of the major advancements is OneCNC’s Active Cut Technology which allows for major improvement in machining times together with benefits of increased cutting tools and machine tool life. OneCNC’s Active Cut technology incorporates an all new technology that actively “looks ahead” allowing the cutter path to machine at optimum speed where permitted, and accelerating where possible. This technology not only makes for very smooth vibration free machining it provides greatly improved feed rates and the added benefit of extending cutting tool and machine life. Active Cut Technology has been added to all applicable toolpaths in the milling range including pocketing, roughing, and profiling with all versions benefitting from this technology. Together with this technology there are significant changes to the GUI to provide a much more open view drawing screen and robust improvements to CAD detailing and Unicode text handling.

For further details please contact your local OneCNC office

OneCNC Offices

OneCNC has introduced a new on-line training website for all OneCNC users globally

OneCNC Has 22 Global offices in countries throughout the world and supply software to more than 60 countries. Due to the vast number of users in so many countries OneCNC introduced this new service so that all users have the opportunity for the best direct corporate training at no added cost.

OneCNC On-Line Training is the Perfect Solution for Anyone Looking to Learn CAD-CAM.

With OneCNC On-Line Training you learn the methods including tips and tricks at your own pace, in your own time, from experienced OneCNC On-Line Training Engineers. You can use these new online classes to get up to speed quickly, keep your skills sharp, and get the best from your CNC machines. OneCNC On-Line Training is open to anyone with internet access and has purchased a OneCNC licenced product.

Learn from the OneCNC Experts

Benefit from the knowledge of expert certified corporate trainers who bring their extensive industrial experience and OneCNC knowledge to each lesson. Training is delivered in more than 40 videos using proven industrial techniques. This video format lets you learn at your own speed, reviewing all of the tips and tricks to unleash the power of OneCNC in your own environment.

Training Process

In this OneCNC on-line based training, you learn OneCNC by video method showing how to design and program toolpaths on real industrial parts. Important functionality uses are covered that show you how to program more effectively and efficiently. For example, you learn how to program quickly and the way OneCNC is designed to be used, how to apply multiple set-ups, and how to select the best toolpath strategy for shortest runtime and the best methods to produce quality parts.

Training Offered

Currently training is offered for all the OneCNC Milling versions including the 4 axis added module.

How to access

This link will take you to the OneCNC Training Log-in screen. On this page you will find a log-in section for OneCNC users who have already registered and a new user section where Licensed OneCNC Users can create an account. Please have your OneCNC Product details ready, this includes Dongle Number, Serial and CD key, you will also be required to fill out a general details form.

OneCNC R&D Having a Ball

OneCNC Research and Development has been having a real ball.

OneCNC Research and Development team over the past 2 years has continued development in 5 axis machining tool paths.
As part of this development many part examples have been created and machined by our engineers in the process.
This is part of the process used in testing and proving the practical results by actually machining components.
To prove the full development from model creation through to testing of the machined component it was chosen to create a spherical soccer ball for this test.
Rather than just CNC lathe turning a sphere and grooving it like a soccer ball it was decided to create the ball using a CNC machining centre.
This required modelling a hexagonal and polygon piece to be used to form the ball.
The segments were then assembled by rotation and copying around an axis to completely form the ball.
This was to test the original model segments and then test the rotation and copying of the components of the ball.
The required CNC tool paths were then created for the machining process in the 5 axis machining centre.

This graphic shows the completed model of segment pieces formed to create the soccer ball model.


This graphic shows the segments of hexagonal and polygon pieces being rotated and assembled around a common axis to form the soccer ball model.


The soccer ball was then CNC programmed in OneCNC to create roughing, semi-finishing and finishing tool paths
The completed toolpaths were electronically transferred to the machining centre for machining from a piece of solid aluminium bar stock.

Here we show the solid bar stock being machined in a 5 axis simultaneous Hermle Machining Centre.


After the machining was completed the finished ball was transferred to our Brown and Sharpe coordinate measuring machine for accuracy validation.
The completed ball was measured and found to be within the '004 mm machining tolerance as set in OneCNC when creating the CNC tool paths.

This graphic shows the machined ball being tested for accuracy


To enable our test and validation to be kept as proof of accuracy and evidence of our research and development we mounted the ball on a stand for keeping in our technical centre in Brisbane.

This graphic shows the completed ball anodised and mounted on a stand.


OneCNC filmed the process of creating the soccer ball and the machining process to create the final part as shown in this video.

For further information on OneCNC products or information on machining 5 axis simultaneous please contact your local OneCNC Office.

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