The new wave of CAD-CAM manufacturing

At OneCNC development we continually develop CNC software technology to provide the tools so one person can cover all the facets of manufacture using CNC machines. That is a major reason why OneCNC functionality is so practical to use.

We noticed a recent CNN news item showed old manufacturing jobs going by the wayside and new high-tech jobs taking their place. Watching this news item we could see what they were showing was to the development goals at OneCNC.


OneCNC latest version takes this technology to a new level by adding automated features for making multiple parts in the one operation. Other new features for CNC processing include functions for library selection of thread milling and 5 axis simultaneous machining are just some of the new features that have been added to enhance manufacturing efficiency.

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OneCNCXR4 showcased at AUSTECH 2010 Sydney

OneCNC Australia exhibited at the AUSTECH 2010 trade show in Sydney Australia. The exhibition was held in the Sydney Olympic Park site from the 11th to the 14th May 2010.

Austech is a 'must see' event held alternately between Sydney and Melbourne Exhibition Centres.  Austech is for anyone interested in the use of machine tools and accessories, laser technology, cutting tools programming systems and specialized ancillary equipment.

OneCNC showcased the latest release of OneCNC at the annual event. The event was well aattended by the Australian engineering manufacturing community.


Here is a link to the features of the software that was displayed at Austech 2010.

Link>> Features included in the latest release of OneCNC

Currawong Engineering with OneCNC

Currawong Engineering is based in Kingston, Tasmania Australia, is a specialist in design and manufacture of aircraft parts for unmanned aircraft

Currawong use OneCNC mill with 5-axis modules and OneCNC lathe with milling and turning modules of CY and B-axis.

This is their story, as Gavin Brett CEO tells Currawong technology.

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