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"OneCNC has saved my bacon on more than one occasion. I took on a job from a customer that involved importing several IGES files. The software manufacturer I was using at the time said their latest version not only would import the files, but also would generate code - no problem, BIG PROBLEM!!! Come to find out it would have taken literally months to produce toolpaths. I heard about OneCNC on a bulletin board and downloaded the demo. It imported them as solids, was able to use the models exactly the way they were imported"

"I have been truly amazed at how fast and easy it is to create a part or import a file in OneCNC. It is extremely simple to use - everything is layed out in an easy to follow manner and you can customize the screen to your liking with hotkeys and toolbars."

"The code OneCNC generates is gouge free and very powerful. You pick the way you want to machine the model, select your tools, define what you want to machine, then let OneCNC go to work - easy as pie!!"


"Then to have the feature to simulate cutting the part is out of this world - you can actually section any part of the model and see the end results."

"OneCNC is extremely stable and code generation is reliable - no surprises here!!" 


"If your looking for an easy to learn, easy to use, powerful, affordable CADCAM system, you should be looking at OneCNC - you won't be disappointed!"


Ward Staniforth
WMS Enterprises, Inc.

OneCNC releases new product brochure

OneCNC today released a product brochure for OneCNCXR7

OneCNCXR7 is due for release early November 2016.

This release is of enormous interest to existing users who like to have great new features with each release.

This brochure is now available online from the OneCNC.Net support page found here.

OneCNCXR7 Brochure


For further information about OneCNCXR7 Please contact your local sales office.

Contact OneCNC

OneCNC Italy Exhibits at Samumetal 2014


OneCNC Italy exhibited at the recent Samumetal trade show 29 January to 2nd Feb 2014.

Samumetal was the 17th show and held in Fiera Di Pordenone, Pordenone, Italy

Samumetal is a trade show from the tools and technology sector of metal manufacturing. The exhibition is mainly of machinery and plastics materials and offered great visibility for manufacturers to see the latest technology for the design creation and also the manufacturing processes.


As part of the strategy of marketing OneCNC to the whole of Europe OneCNC Italy exhibited at Samumetal.

For an on-site or on-line demonstration of OneCNC contact OneCNC Italy

OneCNC Italy
Via Bassano del Grappa, 48/G
36030 Sarcedo (VI)
ph:+ 39 393 438 3373



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