Toolmaking "Apprentice of the Year" 2007 2008 2009

Partec (Qld) Pty Ltd, located in Brisbane, Australia is the Plastic and Rubber Technologies education centre.

This picture shows the design/programming room.


Partec has some of the the highest quality and most modern equipment available for training in its field including 5 axis machining centers.

This picture below is shows part of the main training workshop.


Toolmaking is just one of the many popular training subjects at Partec. There are approx 35 apprentices at any one time studying ‘Toolmaking’, being trained using the best CAD/CAM software and on the best machines with the best cutters. This combination helps to make teaching easier, therefore increasing the student’s confidence to be able to complete the most difficult jobs with ease.

Partec’s philosophy is to use leaders from Industry to teach students what industry wants. Partec must be doing something right, not only have I had the pleasure of training "The Apprentice of the Year for Queensland for 2007", but also "The Apprentice of the Year for Australia for 2008 and 2009".

This picture below shows 3 students in discussion with Instructor Colin Gossip (left).


What I can say about OneCNC, is that while it is fantastic for use in industry – it excels as a powerful teaching tool as well. I have used OneCNC for over 9 years now, and now I am teaching with time to research other products. I have used a wide range of software, and so far, nothing can match OneCNC. Today, with new cutter coatings and learning how high speed machining/toolpathing and 5 axis machining, jobs are being achieved in less time and with a much higher quality. It’s a great pleasure to pass this knowledge along to the young – our apprentices.

Colin Gossip - Teacher Tooling/Design

1030 Cavendish Road
Mt. Gravatt, Queensland
Australia 4122.
Phone: 07-38497878
Fax: 07-38497876


Teachers / Instructors
OneCNC has a dedication to education. Our dedication continually provides teacher training and educator support to universities and colleges. OneCNC has years of experience in the educational market and that helps us understand the needs for training. OneCNC is a popular CAD CAM product throughout the world in many languages which means that the products for teaching are industry proven.

Contact your local OneCNC office:

All in a days training for OneCNC UK

As technical director for OneCNC UK multi-axis training is often now part of my day. It can be challenging work but it can also be enjoyable and rewarding especially when you have nice equipment and a good user.

GMT CNC Machining of 253 New Road Portsmouth PO2 7QY, UK is one of these examples they recently purchased OneCNCXR3 Mill Expert with 5 axis and I was booked to assist with training, sort out any technical issues and assist to set the post for their machines.

Here we have a Heidenhain controlled 5 axis YCM FX350A machining center with a X700 Y520 Z 480 travel and 40T tool capacity, which is just one of many CNC machines in this shop.


The first task was to set the post, then establish the machining procedure, the part holding fixture and program the part. We then set the part in the vice and probed the position.


The next 2 pictures I took during the machining process.


The next pictures show another picture in the process of machining and finally 2 pictures of the finished part.


If you have need of improving your CNC efficiency and you are in the UK call the OneCNC UK office and we will be only too pleased to do the same for you 2,3,4 or 5 axis.

Peter Gillespie

James House
Newport Road, Albrighton
United Kingdom

ph. +44 (0)1902373054

Molnar Machine keeps pace with technology

Molnar machine, founded in 1995 out of Lynnville, TN by Jeff Molnar, specializes in inspection gages, assembly jigs and fixtures, as well as a wide variety of close tolerance partmaking.

I have been in the machining and manufacturing environment since 1978, and have seen the increasing need to stay attuned to the changes that have taken place over 30 years.  When I started my machine shop in 1995, there was no question that CNC machines were needed to stay competitive. With this type of technology, I was able to keep 3 or more machines running at the same time with only myself working. This is truly a “HIGH” for most machinists. CNC machines are a must for industry today, and just as important or perhaps even more important is owning the correct CAM software. One that allows importing of customer’s files without in glitches.

OneCNC has given me what I need to work with my customer’s drawings without any hiccups. We have Haas Lathes and Mills, and Hurcos and Prototracks, and we have the standard manual equipment and surface grinders and tooling. We work for a little bit of everybody, pretty generic. We work for the auto industry a little bit, different companies that make specialty one off parts like lights. We make dies for different companies, part holding jigs and fixtures, we components for specialty machine builders. I'm not at liberty to mention the company's names, but electronic companies, some computer companies we've made parts for, jigs and fixtures for them to hold parts and do welding. We're a pretty all around universal job shop.


Caption: An automated camera system. The bodies will have and integral gear system that drives wheels on the outside and will go through most anything. There will be an extend-able camera system on the front that can take videos or still shots of underground pipe systems, caves, etc. They may be looking for underground fires, dead people (or alive – hopefully), and various blockages in underground piping or sewer systems.

I taught at a technology school and was able to use a popular CAM in my instructing. While I had become quite familiar with using the product, I found to teach it was quite a task. I also new there were expensive maintenance fees with this software, along with some of the other CAM suppliers, that I just could not afford when opening my shop. All in all, I am very happy that I chose OneCNC and with their no maintenance costs required, it is an awesome deal.


I had a job requiring multiple 3D surfaces. After struggling for a couple of days and not being able to get it done with the leading CAM software that I was using, I contacted OneCNC. I told them if they could help me with this part efficiently and in a respectful amount of time, that I would purchase OneCNC.

Within an hour, via video conferencing, I was not only shown how to do it, but was given the post in order to make the part. It worked so well, that I purchased OneCNC immediately as promised. The down time really it wasn’t that bad. Within a couple of days I could do most or all 2D work. The 3D work also came within a week or so. As with any software, the more that you use it, the better that you become. OneCNC has yet to let me down! I have dealt with some very extensive drawings made in Solid Works and have yet to be unable to open and work with what I need.

OneCNC listens! Machinist’s who make recommendations regarding the improvement of this cam software are heard and it shows with the ever improving software. It continually gets better without the yearly maintenance fees.

Molnar Machine
556 Mount Olive Cemetery Road
Lynnville, TN 38472 USA
Phone: 931-424-8841

Web: Molnar Machine